Mobile strike hack

Mobile strike gold hack

Gold in mobile strike

Gold is the premium currency in this game and the more you have, easier for you to upgrade to the next level. Gold is quite important as it helps you to buy the resources that you need and it also helps in speeding up your construction and other processes. The gold can be earned through multiple ways like,

  1. Completing missions and challenges.
  2. Forming an alliance with other users which will get you an instant gold bonus
  3. Connecting through facebook which will help open up the gold mine.
  4. Receiving gold as presents from friends and your alliance members
  5. Pick up the blue crates that appear on the bottom of your screen.
  6. Making in app purchase using real money from your pocket.
  7. Special discounts and sales for gold promotions. Of course this involves spending some real money but you will be doing it at a discounted rate.
  8. You can also try your hand at the in game casino called the shooting range.
  9. You can also deposit your existing gold stash at the treasury building and start earning interest in the form of gold.
  10. Gold fort is another way to earn more gold. You will find this rarely in the wild resource tiles. Occupying this will get you free gold.Mobile strike hack

Of course, all of this involves certain amount of effort or money from your pocket or pure luck. But if you are looking for a sure shot way to make gold in the Mobile strike then your best choice is to make use of the mobile strike gold hack.

What is mobile strike gold hack?

As you can guess from the name, the mobile strike gold hack involves hacking the back door to the game’s server to grant you unlimited coins and gold and other resources as you require. Imagine having unlimited resources on hand readily available at any time. You will dominate the game entirely and you can control the outcome of each of your attack and defense the way you want. You will truly rule the game and that is exactly what you derive from using the mobile strike hack tool.

Why should you use mobile strike hack?

If you have just created an account in mobile strike then you might actually find it quite interesting and fun building the various resource buildings, forming the base, training the army and so on. But as you proceed further, you will grow tired of waiting for sufficient resources for building your base and to move forward in the game. The objective of the game requires you to have a massive base before your enemies to gain an advantage over the others. And to do so, you need unlimited resources at zero cost and zero effort. And you need them instantly. This is why you need to make use of a good mobile strike hack tool.

Features of the mobile strike hack no survey tools

Mobile strike is a game which features multiple types of army units from infantry to combat units including helicopters and fighter tanks. But in order for you to use them efficiently and when you want them you need to keep their skill levels always up and running. There is no need to wait for resources now, thanks to the Mobile strike gold hack. You have unlimited gold at your disposal. Key features of this hack tool which makes it more endearing include,

  1. It works on all platform where the game is compatible – iOS, PC, Mac, Android
  2. You need not be a technically savvy person to use the tool.
  3. There is no downloading requirement.
  4. There is no root or jailbreak to be done.
  5. It is completely free of cost.
  6. It is completely safe and is proxy protected.

Do you love building armies, invading territories, attacking enemies and in general the war games? Then you would love the mobile strike game from Machine Zone. The game was released in 2015 and has been on the top ten list of highest grossing freemium strategy based mobile games since then. The game is compatible on both the iOS and Android platforms making it one of the most sought out games in the smart phones. This massive multiple player game might remind you of yet another war game, the Game of War: Fire Age.

World in Mobile strike

The game is based on the players building their bases, training their troops/ army and launching multiple strategic attacks on the enemy bases to make more in game currency. The game is set against the modern age but in a war zone. There are two main aspects of the game, one being the construction within your base and the other being the destruction that you can cause on your enemy bases. Both the aspects are equally rewarding and are interconnected. Within the base you are required to build different buildings, gather resources, train the army, do some R&D, etc. And then there is the world outside your home base, which you can browse through the world map given. By browsing through the map you can scout your enemy bases and attack the right ones at the right time.

What does the game involve?

As mentioned before, the game begins with you developing your home base which involves construction of various buildings and keep on leveling them to meet your increasing demands. The initial 24 hours will keep you safe from any kind of attacks and gives you time to build your resources to help you fight better. There are coordinates which you can share with your friends to let them know where your base is located. There are multiple resources that you need to gather including food, iron, coins and most importantly the gold.

Another interesting aspect of the game is the alliance formation like in any country involved in war. Here you can make alliances with multiple users, participate in team tasks and earn more coins and gold.

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