Mobile Strike strategy

A video game based on strategy, the mobile strike is a freemium multiplayer game from Machine Zone.  The game was released in 2015 and is quite compatible with the iOS and Android platforms. The game was among the most downloaded, high grossing apps in the year of release. The game featured the movie star and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in its ad campaign which garnered a lot of attention to it. The ad featured him in a commander uniform and was even aired during the Super Bowl 50. The game is still ranked on the top 10 free steam games apps in both the Android and iOS platforms.

Game play

If you are into action, adventure and attacks, then you would definitely fall in love with this game. The game is set in the modern world where you are the commander of your own army, you can build your own army base, train your troops the way you see fit, fight the enemies, devise your strategy and much more.

Mobile strike guide

Here we have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you fare better in this game of war.

  1. Delay claiming rewards: There are different missions like base missions, VIP missions, alliance missions and daily missions. What you need to remember here is once you have completed your mission you have to claim the reward for it to get credited into your account. And it would make sense to claim them together as you will get a good chunk and also if there is an enemy attack the resources will not be in your account for them to steal. Also remember to assign the skills you win from missions to your commanders so that they can use it in the battle.
  2. Storing resources: Resource is the key for going forward in this game and to ensure that you are always in store for sufficient resources you need to manage them wisely. Build as many buildings you can and you want to keep the resources safe and secure.
  3. Alliance works: Joining an alliance will not just help you in the battle, but it will help you to earn rewards too. You can win a bonus in the form of gold by joining an alliance and you will be able to unlock new missions through it. Also whenever the member of the alliance makes a purchase in the app, you score a reward.
  4. Scout for quitters: There will always be players who quit the game after sometime. By attacking them you can easily make a lot of profit without worrying about any reprisal. Scout the bases to look for the quitters.
  5. Making gold with FB: Another option is to make use of Facebook for playing which will open up the gold mine for receiving and gifting gold to your friends and alliance.

Whatever route you choose, you will have to be slightly patient to make a clear headway in this game. Of course, you can check out the mobile strike cheats to progress fast.